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Just a man wearing women clothing. 1 point submitted 3 hours agoI think it probably because you unlocked a „Prime” receiver for a certain weapon, probably a Hunting Rifle or Light Machine Gun, considering it in.308 cal.I believe I unlocked a Prime receiver for a shotgun of sorts because I can craft Ultracite Shotgun Shells, though I haven picked up any shotguns lately to see which one. Seems like Prime receivers are meant to be used for endgame, anti scorchbeast equipment; Ultracite or Depleted Ultracite is mentioned as being effective against Scorchbeasts once or twice in Responders and Brotherhood of Steel logs.Basically, the Ultracite rounds are much more expensive to craft than regular ammunition and they can only be used in a weapon with the matching Prime receiver but they should hit harder against Scorchbeasts and probably regular Scorched, too.

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