Worse are the bags that remain in the ocean

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hermes replica bags Missouri, Idaho, Arizona, Wisconsin, Indiana and Florida are the other states that have adopted the preemption measures pushed by bag manufacturers, which are the main opponents of the local bans. Although such efforts are certainly not good for the environment in landlocked states, they’re particularly distressing in states adjacent to waterways, such as Florida and Michigan. Very few of the 100 billion single use plastic bags used in the United States each year are recycled. And their lightweight nature and „T shirt” design mean they are uniquely able to escape the trash can and wreak environmental damage. Single use plastic bags are consistently among the top five forms of litter found in beach cleanups. Worse are the bags that remain in the ocean, where they break down into small bite sized pellets that are harmful to sea creatures. There is a reason that California’s coastal cities pioneered the local prohibitions on single use plastic bags that led eventually to a statewide ban. hermes replica bags

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